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Boss - BOSS 14' Loader Box Plow - LDR14

Article number: 14' Loader Box Plow - LDR14

You can be at your best when Mother Nature is at her worst with the powerful LDR Box Plows from BOSS. They attach quickly and easily to loaders and they work efficiently to help you restore order to the lots and roads of your community. They’re equipped with innovative protection technology and make your job faster, easier and more efficient.


  • Reversible Cutting Edge Cutting edge segments can be reversed to maximize wear life.
  • Universal Fork Mounting System Attaches quickly and easily with a simple slide.
  • High-Efficiency Moldboard features a 70-degree attack angle that "rolls" the snow and reduces resistance.
  • Exclusive self-adjusting box wings automatically adjust to the contour of the pavement and eliminate scoop angle adjustments.



LDR 14'0"


14' (427 cm)


3190 lb (1446 kg)

Moldboard Height

49" (124 cm)

Base Angle

½" x 8" (1 cm x 20 cm)

Replacement Cutting Edge

½" x 8" x 27 11/16" (1 cm x 20 cm x 70 cm) (AR 450)

Trip Design


Sideplate Dimensions

48" x 58 ½" (122 cm x 149 cm)

Sideplate Thickness

⅜" (1 cm)

Sideplate Leveling


Vertical Supports

15 vertical ribs

Horizontal Supports

3 upper pans, 3 lower pans

Attachment System

Universal (ADJ) Bucket Receiver, 3" Opening Binder Chain (Customer supplied)

Vertical Hitch Float

Automatic - 9 ⅞" (25 cm) vertical

Wing Shoes (Material)

AR 450

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